Friday, 9 December 2011

Comment on Clarksons comment

The Bracknell Standard recently asked me about the Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson comments on the BBC One show where he said "Public sector workers who took part in the strikes should be shot adding "execute them in front of their families".


My reply printed in the paper was as follows;


Yes Clarkson should not of said it. But aren't there more important things to complain about. People say things like this all the time but they don't actually mean it. No one is going to shot anyone. 21,000 complaints, please people get a grip.


Don't moan that political correctness has gone mad and then phone up and complain when someone does something that is not quite PC.


What are your feelings on this subject?


  1. "Yes Clarkson should not of said it."

    I hope that lousy grammar was the responsibility of the paper and not you...

    1. I thought the same!!! "Clarkson should not HAVE said it".

  2. I would not have written a comment if it were not for the anonymous comment(note the use of the subjunctive anonymous).

    You are quite right. We have wasted far too much time on Clarkson. It is much more important to debate the rights and wrongs of the strikers than it is to debate Clarkson, and both are much more important than debates on the correct use of grammar in blogs.

    Why do those with petty comments remain anonymous?

  3. well, the correct use of grammar in blogs is not really that important.

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