Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Local blog: One part of Bracknell's town centre regenerates itself

While some parts of Bracknell have an increasing amount of charity shops and adverts for council services (see Local Blog: High Level of Bracknells Empty Shops?)mainly from the band stand down to where Woolworths used to be)). One part of Bracknell is making a revival by the derelict 3M building. SeeFix the Eyesore in the Middle of Bracknell Town

I think its great that while we wait still for the development of the town one corner has had an injection of life into it thanks to Bracknell small ethnic community and in particular its Ghanaian community.


  1. It is good that at least something is going on, while we wait for money to become more freely available.
    Winchester house/Old 3M Building Towers over parts of Priestwood. I have blogged about that a couple of times. The last time was in conjunction with thoughts on what is needed in today's Town Centres.
    What shape will the Town Centre of the future take?
    Ancient eyesore

  2. Thanks Alvin I think it's good to

  3. They should be back in Ghana

  4. Anonymous and why should they do that? whats so bad about people from Ghana

  5. Because if enough come here they will change your country to something you do not want.Their way of life is totally different to ours and in time the indigenous people will be swamped by immigrants.I should also like to know when we had a democratic vote on all this immigration.

  6. Well not their children after a few generation people tend to be much more like the rest of the British