Friday, 4 May 2012

Apathy wins the day

While the parties go on TV and explain why the national picture has affected the local vote (always very unfair on local candidates as it doesn’t reflect their work). Perhaps they should pay attention to the biggest vote of all in this years elections, Apathy!

People believe that nothing will change no matter who they vote for, and to a certain extent they are right, after all there is limited funding at a local level due to the government debt.

Personally I blame the leaders at the top of the parties, all parties seem to have to many people who make it to the top and yet don’t reflect the general population. Members of the big parties keep on voting for the same type of politician. It’s now time to stop voting for the Blair clones.


  1. But dylsexia comes a close second!

  2. Seems Lib Dem voters were most apathetic of all...

  3. Hi Daz,

    You are right, there is a growing disconnect between local politicians and the electorate. But I don't think it is all down to money.

    Voting apathy simply reflects the electorates feeling of impotence. The impression is that the views of the electorate are only respected when it fits in with party or council dogma. Often councillors are simply seen as weak and feeble and the officers do what they like.

    We go through all these bogus consultations which are then noted and ignored. It is hardly surprising voters cannot be bothered any more.

    Here is an example to in East Dorset (EDDC)to this national problem....

    In EDDC We are currently going through the Core Strategy fiasco. All the polls and consultations have shown great opposition to building on the green belt. Nobody wants the Green belt built on.

    The draft core Strategy contains hundreds of warm weasel words about defending the green belt. Except that is where they want to build on it! No wonder the electorate are cycnical and apathetic.

    Just an example.

    Sorry to drone on.
    (p.s. you have a misspelling in the title?)

  4. dyslexia, one of many reasons wwhy I dont right may blog posts anymore. I hate it

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