Friday, 22 June 2012

Who do you work for Dr Lee MP?

Guest Blog from Alistair

Dr Lee had a letter published outlining his views on the Doctors Strike ironically in the Wokingham Times, a paper most of his constituents don't read, representing as he does 'Bracknell'. Luckily for us he has reproduced it on his own website

Residents of Bracknell are entitled to wonder why Dr Lee MP has an issue with a GP being unavailable for a day of strike action, but he is apparently comfortable with both his own patients and his Bracknell constituents both receiving a part time service from the man they both effectively pay for separately?

If Dr Lee MP ever does go on strike - would we notice?


  1. Dr. Lee concerned about GP's unavailable for a day?! It is ironic that his party's Government has decided to close down a number of hospitals across the country, in the name of austerity!
    Our Heatherwood Hospital was one in the original list; thanks to the strong resistance from Bracknell's public and “Save Heatherwood campaign”, Dr. Lee and his pals were forced to re-visit that their insensitive decision.

  2. I'd say that Dr. Lee sounds like the typical elitist wanker.

  3. Philip Lee is a man who does things by halves
    He is an MP one who NEVER gives surgeries.
    His expenses are vast although he lives a thirty minute train drive from London.
    He still works as a doctor thereby earning more money taking a job from another doctor and only giving half his attention to his parliamentary and the concerns of his constituents
    So anything he has to say means nothing IMO
    The country could save expenses by dispensing with Philip Lee.

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