Sunday, 16 August 2009

Should we all be Have a go Heroes

Isn’t our English language wonderful? We are always coming up with new terms and phrases. One I like is ‘Have a go Hero’.

I believe in general we are not involved enough in our local communities and perhaps do not intervene when we should because we are scared and believe that it is none of our business. There are also plenty of examples where people do not intervene when someone is attacked and passers by just look on or pass. However there have also been plenty of reports where having a go has resulted in that person being attacked themselves.

I for one am willing to have a go and have done so. Although I have not always been proud of my reactions I do intervene. So far I have not put myself in danger. I have found to my amazement (spurred on by anger and my sense of right and wrong) that I have achieved results. For example I have managed to stop some kids from throwing stones at cars and some adults from not clearing up there seat on a train when they left food all other it (train was packed) etc. But I do not tend to intervene where I live because I don’t want to be hassled at my home (is that wrong of me?). I will speak to my neighbours all of which I know, after the event. (Events include loud arguments, vandalism, Drug and drink issues).

I personally think that having a go is up to the individual and there is nothing wrong with being too scared to intervene. However if a crime is happening there and then you should tell the police ASAP because simply walking away from someone doing harm is very wrong (how can you leave someone who is in trouble).

Would you have a go or have you had a go and when you did what happened?
Please comment? Do you think Britain would be a better for it, if people stood up to yobs?

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  1. I think it would be so mch better if we all stood upto people and did together be prepared to step in

  2. I would always intervene as long as I wasn't putting myself in any serious danger. I would certainly call the police & have done in the past to stop a situation that needed some kind of intervention!

    I think people are too busy with their own lives and don't spend much time considering others even down to little details like courteous driving, queue jumping, or saying please & thank you - people are very self-involved these days & community spirit is very dying (if not dead already)! Sad but true!

  3. likly I have not had too. But I like to think I would help if I needed too

  4. Thank you all, Glad some are willing to standup for themselves and others