Tuesday, 31 May 2011

FIFA corruption is a cultural thing

The ongoing row over allegations of corruption at FIFA and the current election process of current FIFA president Sepp Blatter may seem like a joke to many of us in Britain. But what I have found interesting is how little response to these allegations there has been from outside of the UK. Yes Australia and the USA are not happy about the selection process for the bid winners. But English speaking countries share similar views on corruption to us here in the UK. There is a cultural difference being shown here.

Fact is that while corruption happens in Britain, it is not tolerated or accepted like it is in many other counties. An example of this was the MP's expenses, while in Britain there was a lot of anger over the MP's expenses, many other people in other countries could not see what all the fuss was about. Corruption is part of life in some parts of the world. Football is a world game and therefore reflects this way of doing business. If coruption is cultually acceptable then people at all levels accept their bit of the corruption pie and benefit. While in the UK it tends to be just the people at the top who gain.

Perhaps the only way to change FIFA is to change the way the world works. Not an easy task. However perhaps it's not our FA that will change the way brown envelopes play their part in choosing world cup venues. But perhaps the people who provide FIFA with their funds can make the biggest change. Sponsors have had their money mismanaged and their name association with FIFA harmed who may have the final say.


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Blogging will remain light

I am currently moving home and looking after my 6 month old son, this is taking all my time up at the moment. Therefore I have not been able to blog, which is a shame because I would have had plenty to say about recent events.

However I have still been leaving comments on the regular Bracknell Standard column, 'What does Bracknell think?'

So here is a selection;

Library E-Books

Wellington College in Crowthorne announced last week it is planning on removing books from its library and instead giving pupils their own hand-held e-books to read from.Do you think the days of print are now in the past or will there always be a place for a good old paper or hardback in the future? Do you use e-books yourself of are you a fan of the more traditional books?

My reply;

I am a fan of traditional books, but I do believe they will be replaced by electronic books, just as CD and DVD will be and are being replaced by downloadable media.This is not all bad news, (although it is for high street shops) as electronic media is so easy to manage and store.One question thought, are all of Wellington College library books available in electronic form? sure this is not a straight replacement of books.It will be interesting to see if children's books will remain as these are hard to create electronically.



"After journalist Andrew Marr removed his own super-injunction covering an affair, do you think it is right for the famous and wealthy to be able to cover up news stories about their private lives or do the public have a right to know about the private lives of people in the public eye?"

My Reply;

Injunctions do make me uneasy, although I'm not bothered about personalities and their personal life's. So who was sleeping with who I don't think is in the public interest anyway. However where I do have a real issue with super injunctions is when its used by corporations or individuals to cover up illegal activity.

The best example I can think of is when Trafigura illegally dumped toxic waste instead of processing it in Cote d'Ivoire then used a super injunction to stop MPs discussing this in the house of commons and to stop the media covering the story. Now that I cant agree with.


Fare increase for Taxi Drivers

Taxi drivers in Bracknell have asked for their fares to be put up for the first time in three years to meet the rises in fuel costs and insurance.

The cost of a three-mile journey will now cost 80p more, from £6.80 up to £7.60. A 12 mile trip to Reading has risen from £20 to £23.60.

Do you think this is reasonable? Do you use taxis much? and should driving firms receive discounts due to the high cost of fuel?

My Reply:

It can't be denied that cost have gone up for taxi's. I think in view of this it would only be fair for their fees to rise. I use the local taxi's and always find them pleasant and talkative. They have families to and I can't see how we can continue to squeeze them.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Tamil refugee who was accused of faking his hunger strike

It's worth watching last weeks BBC One program See you in Court on BBC Iplayer here
It follows A young Tamil refugee fights for his reputation after the Daily Mail and The Sun claimed he faked his lengthy hunger strike by eating burgers. This led to death threats, he went to court to clear his name.
It's just another example of newspaper lies.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Newspapers don't always tell the truth

Is it not about time the papers were forced to make clearer apologies for telling lies?
Listening to BBC This Weeks discussion on law suits and super injunctions it seems amazing that newspapers get away with so much. For example on the eve of the 1992 election, Neil Kinnock had to spend his evening trying to stop a story on him using private healthcare, when he never did. This story was stopped, but if it was published you could imagine Labour unfairly performing even worse at the polls, even thought the story was untrue.
Many people believe what they read on the day, and when papers print an apology it's normally so small and deep within the paper that you won't see it is often less relevant.
So is it not about time newspapers had to print apologies in the same place as their original story and in the same size font!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Scotland goes, Conservatives gain

It can't be denied that there were many very amazing results in the May 5th elections.

Two of which were, Conservatives gaining seats when they were expected to lose and the SNP gaining a majority in Hollyrude.

This majority for the Scottish Nationalist will result at some point in a vote for independence. It is well known that the majority of Scots do not want independence at the moment. But let's say over time the SNP manage to persuade the Scottish people to break the union.

Now putting aside the fact that the Conservatives are a unionist party and will be fighting in Scotland for it to remain part of the UK. They can't stop this vote and would have to agree to the democrat result of a referendum.

There are currently 41 Labour, 11 Liberal Democrat MPs, 6 SNP seats and only 1 Conservative seat. If any seats change hands in the next election, they won't be going to the Conservatives. So the maths is simple.

Lose Scotland and the Tories lose 58 opposition seats to their 1. They also lose a more left wing country.

England and Wales could be left with many more Conservative governments. Good job for Labour that Wales are not leaving the UK, just yet.

Friday, 6 May 2011


Bit of a pasting for my party last night nationally.

Now there are only two opposition councillors in the Bracknell Borough council as Labour council leader Jeananne Shillcock lost her seat by 5 votes. Harsh

Results For Bracknell can be viewed here.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Vote for the best candidate at your local elections

Tomorrow is local election day in Bracknell and in many parts of the UK.
Please when you vote, do so on local issues and try to choose the best candidate or candidates you can for your borough and town council. It's a big shame when local councillors work hard for you and lose or indeed don't work hard and win based on national issues, which are out of their hands. Please remember that this is a local election and should be about local issues and about the qaulity of the can, this is the best way to get the best possible candidates in our council.
Polls are open from 7am to 10pm and you do not need your voting card to vote.
Details of your polling station can be found at https://my.bracknell-forest.gov.uk/gov3Apps/PollstationLookup/
Details of the Alternative Vote referendum can be found at the Electoral Commission website http://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/__data/assets/file/0005/109877/Eng-web.pdf