Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bracknell MP doesn't know which train line Bracknell is on

Our Bracknell MP has written in the Bracknell Standard to inform them that he welcomes plans to increase the number of carriages on train services in and out of London Paddington from Reading. Adding that "This is great news for rail passengers in the Bracknell constituency." Actually it's not great news for Bracknell at all.

Thing is the Bracknell line is from Reading to Waterloo not Paddington. It won't make any difference because users in Reading don't use this line for speed (Paddington line is much faster) but because they need to go to Waterloo. The line from Maidenhead where the Bracknell MP lives will have longer carriages however.

The biggest problems in Bracknell are frequency of trains to London (every half an hour) when more are required at both ends of rush hour. And the speed of them because it take an hour to get to London as there are no fast trains offered.

If Phillip Lee used the line from Bracknell rather than Maidenhead (where the Bracknell MP lives and which will have longer carriages) and read the detail of the train proposals perhaps he would realise how little effect this will have on our town as it won't provide an economic benefit to Bracknell directly only act to further demonstrate how Bracknell is missing out.

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  1. Wouldn't it be neat if we had an MP who actually lives locally...

  2. Yep shows you how important it is to live in your consistency

  3. There are several stations in the Constituency (and in the Borough).
    Bracknell is the most northerly, and there are also stations at Crowthorne and Sandhurst.

    People in Finchampstead might also use Wokingham.

    There are quite a number of trains that go through to Reading from Wokingham (some take less than 10 minutes) and Crowthorne / Sandhurst / Blackwater. Bracknell is not the only option.

    See for the Westminster Parliamentary Constituency and Local Authority boundaries.