Saturday, 9 October 2010

Bracknell Town centre is dull‏

I agree with the readers of Get Bracknell in Little hope for town centre revamp.This comes after news that the Bracknell Healthspace will not be build in Market Street and instead will be build on the Skimped Hill Health Centre site.

I can remember when I was at college looking at the plans for a new town centre and a few years ago looking again at an exhibition in town of new town centre plans (see here). I can remember surveys accross town with signs explaining that this is for the new town centre regeneration. I can remember promise after promise on when Bracknell work will begin on a new town centre.

Yes a few things have happened. The train station has been improved, there are some new units with a Costa in one. We have a lovely new College but I remain so disappointed about the town centre itself.

How much longer do we have to wait and will it ever happen. take a look at the town at the moment and try to tell me that it doesn't look old and tired and dull.

There is one part of town however that looks more tired than the rest, Take a look,

The there is the top of Bracknell Harrods as its known. Remember when this was a department store.

Market Street,

And of course the 3M building

I love this town I just wish the regeneration happened because its a turn off. I like the rest of Bracknell are fed up of waiting so long for this to happen.

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  1. I don't want the town regenerated. All it really needs is repairing. The town has its own individual charachter that you seem to have avoided in your photographs. Are you new to the area? Independent stores thrive in this area where they are forced out by competition in towns like Reading who have the awful Oracle building to contend with. If it's another Starbucks town you're after a quick trip out by bus or train will suffice.