Friday, 24 July 2009

£45k Spend on Consultants on Great Holland's Shopping Centre in Bracknell

A firm of Manchester consultants who produced a facelift plan are expected to be shelved by the Bracknell Council. The council are still considering the proposals which will involve public consultation.

Cllr Anne Shillcock leader of Bracknell Forest Labour Group, who represents Great Holland's North, said in a quote to the Bracknell Standard: “I think it was a waste of money, and unlikely, given the difficulty of getting hold of any extra money, that there would be any redevelopment in the near future. and added "It was a pretty unwise decision.” , “It looked very pie in the sky and given the current economic situation, it did not look realistic. I’m ashamed to say they got the £45,000. It is an enormous amount of money if we get nothing out of it.”

Liberal Democrat PPC Ray Earwicker stated "Once again the Council seems determined to press ahead with its own agenda without carrying the residents with them. There is no doubt that the centre could be improved but without the approval of local residents it would be pointless. The Council is always pleading poverty and it will probably not be able to make any improvements anyway. Nevertheless it enables the Council to give the impression of doing something even if it does result in raised hopes and dashed expectations."

A report has been drafted for the council to consider the future of the centre which will contain the views of residents and organisations who participated in the public consultation.

I would suggest that it maybe possible to for the Berkshire councils to form a partnership that provides the same services as the consultants. This could save on costs as consultants are being used for many planning issues. After all they have got together on waste and recycling.

We really need to see the consultants report to find out if it's was really worth having and if it is value for money. When these details are published we will have a link too them here.

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