Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Public excluded from the Bracknell Town Centre Regeneration Committee

I was going to attend the Bracknell Town Centre Regeneration Committee meeting held on Monday 13th July 09 as I am very interested in the progress of Regeneration in Bracknell.

But after looking on the council meetings web site I realised that the main part of business for this meeting was excluded (item 6) under Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972. I know that when commercial contracts are involved certain parties or contractual obligations have to be confidential but does all the important business need to be confidential.

I examined other meetings that evoked the Local Government Act 1972. for confidential matters. the public were only exculded for only for part of the these meetings as the meetings was split into a number of agenda items. I would imagine (I don't know as its confidential) that some of the agenda items could of been split out to allow some information disclose on the progress of the regeneration plans.

I also understand that council meetings are not well attended for the most part by the public but some disclosure or splitting of agenda items would be accessible on the Bracknell council website and would help to show how open the Bracknell Forest Council are.

I will of course write to the council asking if any of these confidential agenda items could have some form of disclosure.

If you are interested in examining any council meet details they can be found at


with a calendar of meetings at


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