Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Is Tesco Bullying Bracknell Forest Council?

Bracknell Forest Council have withdrawn their objections to the late opening and Sunday opening of the Tesco’s store in Martins Heron. Bracknell Forest Council had already refused permission for the store to open from 7am to 10pm during the week and 10am to 4pm on Sundays and bank holidays.

Tory councillor Trevor Kensall has been heading these objections to stop the store from opening longer because of strong public objections. One of these objections was because of the noise made by delivery lorries in the morning and their effect on traffic as well as customer traffic (This site also has a train station which is busy at rush hour).

Tesco appealed against the decision which would of cost the council a fair sum in legal fees, it is also believed that the council did not expect to win.

It has been widely reported that Tesco know how to get what they want as reported in the Independent here and by Reading’s Gareth Epps Lib Dem councillor here. Is this just another example of bullying or Is the Tesco request for longer opening hours fair?

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  1. Did tesco buy land in slough to hold back other supermarkets I think asda got it in the end but the store was smaller than planned tbh I don't know the full facts. I know superstores including tesco do fund projects near stores did they build the comunity centre there and help out with the train station

  2. There is actually no reason why the store shouldn't open for longer other than the objections of residents.

  3. Seems unfair that Tesco should win this battle just because they have more money to throw at a hoard of lawyers!!

  4. This is a very good Tesco store. Its not too busy its a good size and the staff are friendly. problem is the location. Some of the other stores in Bracknell do not have residental housing and parking along the same road as the entrance to the store. This one does. some of these residents are Tescos Customers. Tescos have already had there request turned down. So they really have to push it when they already have a Tesco store in Warfield? Surely its good publiticy for them to follow the wishes of the local residents and only be open are sociable hours due to early deliverys.