Friday, 13 November 2009

Goodbye Andrew Mackay confront Andrew MacKay MP

Campaign Group Goodbye Andrew Mackay confronted Andrew MacKay MP and demanded the signing of a giant cheque made out to “the taxpayer”. This happened as Andrew Mackay left a dinner held by the Bullbrook branch of the Bracknell Conservative Association on Saturday night.

The cheque demanding the payment of £170,000 which is the estimated amount owed for claiming a second home allowance on a property his wife Julie Kirkbride MP nominated as her first home.

After Sir Thomas Legg report Andrew Mackays leaving parashoot has already been reduced to £10,000 from £65,000The video taken by the Campaign Group Goodbye Andrew Mackay is shown below.

Julie Kirkbride MP looks set to restand in a Bromsgrove Open Primary see the Quaequam Blog here

Goodbye AndrewMackay also tried to attend the open primary see here


  1. There is a feature on this on Radio Bracknell Sunday morning on The Sunday Show - 10am-11am

  2. Thank you Radio Bracknell, is there a copy of the recording on the site?

  3. Amazing that he is still de facto MP for Bracknell
    After being its representative for 20+ years (it obviously wasnt upmarket enough for him and his wife to reside in - but OK for rip off purposes)
    Itsnt about time that Bracknell had an MP who actually lives in the constituencey he claims to represent.

  4. Yet more re Andrew 'expenses 'Mr Mackay

    6000k to redecorate his London flat

    900 a month mortgage payments on his first/ second
    homes cuddly balnkets for Mrs M at 100 quid a throw

    After all the tax payer pays!