Thursday, 12 November 2009

Lloyds are Being Investigated by the UK Border Agency

Lloyds Banking Group who are supported by the tax payer are being investigated by the UK Border Agency for flying Indian staff to the UK to do the work of UK-based IT staff.

From a letter obtained from the Lloyds TSB Group Union to its members it states that "The Group has known for some time that 1,300 Indian contractors have been flown to the UK to do the work of IT staff and many of those have been moving from project to project and have worked for the Group for many months, if not years. Whilst some of those contractors will go back to India over the next few months there will still be at least 400 who will be permanently based in the UK doing work which could be done by displaced IT staff. The Group has admitted that displaced LBG staff will be redeployed into 300 of the roles that are currently filled by staff flown over from India. Whilst this is a welcome move the fact that this work was being done by Onshore staff in the first place makes a mockery of the Group's Offshoring policy. Some IT staff who could have done that work will have already been made redundant".

Last years system of work permits has now been replaced by a points based system. Indian staff working in the UK have been employed by Offshore contractors who are based out in India. Therefore these staff are employed in Indian and then flown to the UK.

This alleged act of employing non EU workers in a UK government supported bank is even made worse when you considers that Lloyds recently announced the 5,000 job cuts bring the total to 10,000 so far this year. See

I will be publishing over the next few weeks some more related storeys on this subject including how hard it has been for UK IT workers to get a clear response from MP's and MEP's on IT onshoring and Offshoring and More details as to the extend of this practice in other UK business.

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    The real reason Lloyds/TSB are making a mess of your Debit Card is because you,me and everyone with one of these cards aren't paying any fees into their coffers.
    The reason for this is because,even though they will play down the costs,you will end up paying dearly for this kind of card.
    There are many reasons for this,of course the main one is obvious - MONEY. Debit cards are free,Credit Cards cause debt. But the way they are attempting to achieve this is wrong and they are breaking ALL of the banking rules. They intend,(and have been doing for some time),to run debit cards into the ground by declining payment,setting hidden limits on your card and many more such confusing tactics. Then,when we are all fed up with our debit cards being so unreliable,they will approach the Govt. and suggest they scrap debit cards as they aren't very popular with the customers and demand has dropped,due to the lack of reliability.
    If your debit card transactions begin to go haywire,for no reason,don't allow them to take it from you and whatever you do DO NOT accept a credit card,even if they tell you its free,
    take care people.x

  2. Wow thats interesting , and a blog post in itself.

    Thanks for the x was that for me?