Friday, 29 October 2010

My compass and the centre ground

Seeing as a blogger had used my link to Political Compass to do their blog see ' Stuck in the corner with...', I thought I should post mine.

Here it is.
I'm going to do this every year just to see if it changes.

Political compass is a very interesting web site, it is of course not perfect but its measure of how parties have moved from the left to the right over the years to get to the so called centre ground is revealing. I guess they have just moved with the voters while leaving some left leaning voters behind. Perhaps the Centre ground is not oddly enough in the centre.

And the UK Parties in 2010;



  1. As the author of "Stuck in the corner with..." You end up more or less exactly where I do, with the Dalai Lama and the Green Party. Yet we are both Liberal Democrats and a long way from their placing for the last election. I did a number of "which way should you vote" type quizzes in the press before the election, all of which said I should be voting LD, which was a relief, since I was out canvassing for the LDs every day!

    I think the Political Compass graph makes the valuable point that the Left-Right axis is not the only one, and the Libertarian-Authoritarian axis has to be taken into account also. However, I think their questionnaire is not very accurate, as our results show. The positioning of the Liberal Democrats is also very surprising, being very far to the right for a centrist party in a country with a centre political consensus significantly further to the left than the USA.

  2. Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems to the right of the BNP? Really? Something wrong here, I think.

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