Wednesday, 13 October 2010

You have inspired me

Firstly I want to say thank you. Thank you to the people who left comments to my 'Fed up. So I'm going to stop blogging', Thank you all those on Twitter who asked me to carry on blogging. Thank you to the bloggers that linked to this post and asked me to continue (Walaa Idris for her open letter , Iain Dale and even Nadine Dorries). Thank you to Mark Reckons who emailed me and told me how much he enjoyed my posts.
It was brilliant to receive encouragement and advice from members of all parties and none.
I now have someone in the wings to check my blog posts, my grammar and my spelling. I plan to post less often as suggested my the Norfolk bloggers comment. I will read the books I have been recommended by my readers.
I plan to not give in to Dyslexia. I will aim to improve.
So its decided then. I'm back! and it's all down to you, Thanks!


  1. That's fantastic news!

  2. Wonderful news. The blogosphere needs you ;-)

  3. Ah, dammit, we got rid of you once ;)

    Glad it was a WWE/Charlotte Gore retirement, good to have you back

  4. Welcome back Darren! Not the first U-Turn a LibDem has made this week ;)

    Pleased to have you back.