Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Coalition's fault for not buying the damn CD's

Labour tweeter and blogger @shibleylondon tweeted this 'Just seen the shocking HMV news. Tory and LibDem lies are coming home to roost.'
This is in relation to the closing down of 60 shops by the HMV group. Now I know there may well be man things you could blame the coalition government for. but it is not fair to blame the government for everything that happens. I also don't blame the last Labour government for Virgin becoming Zavvi and Zavvi later closing all their high street stores (selling the same products as HMV).
Firstly the government austerity measures had not hit at this point during the lead up to Christmas or the sales (although I expect the snow didn't help them). At the end of the day I blame the product these shops are selling and the fierce competition in the market. HMV are selling CD's, DVD and console games. All of which are cheaper on the internet (HMV are on the internet but are not a go to store for many) and they have to compete against ITunes, supermarkets and specialist game stores.
So lets not blame the governments for everything. Some things are down to other factors such as a sustainable business.

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