Monday, 24 January 2011

Not the nutty professor

Landlord Chris Jefferies who was arrested for questioning on the murder of Joanne Yeates has the right to be a bit miffed at the detail to which the papers explored his life. Surely it is not right for newspapers to speculate so much about an unconvinced man's life history.  I noticed the papers have not specualted so heavly about  Vincent Tabak who is in court today charged with Joanne's murder.
Just have a look at these stories; - The Strange Mr Jefferies, need I say more? - This article includes speculation that he is gay!

And in my article I pointed out all the unnecessary speculation on Mr Jefferies past see Killer LibDem

Would you want this to happen to you?
Surely the media needs to be more careful as these kind of stories could one day lead to a nasty case of vigilantism and if nothing else cause a big effect on his day to day life. It's not fair when your innocent of the crime to have your whole life history explored and reported by the national media.

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