Tuesday, 31 May 2011

FIFA corruption is a cultural thing

The ongoing row over allegations of corruption at FIFA and the current election process of current FIFA president Sepp Blatter may seem like a joke to many of us in Britain. But what I have found interesting is how little response to these allegations there has been from outside of the UK. Yes Australia and the USA are not happy about the selection process for the bid winners. But English speaking countries share similar views on corruption to us here in the UK. There is a cultural difference being shown here.

Fact is that while corruption happens in Britain, it is not tolerated or accepted like it is in many other counties. An example of this was the MP's expenses, while in Britain there was a lot of anger over the MP's expenses, many other people in other countries could not see what all the fuss was about. Corruption is part of life in some parts of the world. Football is a world game and therefore reflects this way of doing business. If coruption is cultually acceptable then people at all levels accept their bit of the corruption pie and benefit. While in the UK it tends to be just the people at the top who gain.

Perhaps the only way to change FIFA is to change the way the world works. Not an easy task. However perhaps it's not our FA that will change the way brown envelopes play their part in choosing world cup venues. But perhaps the people who provide FIFA with their funds can make the biggest change. Sponsors have had their money mismanaged and their name association with FIFA harmed who may have the final say.



  1. It is disgusting that you or any other memeber of your party ever claim the right to make any judgement of anybody in FIFA. All they are accused of is corruption with money. You and every single member of your party are corrupt, racist, murdering, child raping, organlegging, cannibalistic Nazi animals wuthout the most remote trace of honesty or human decency. You owe a public apolofy to everybody in FIFA for suggesting that obscene filth like you, or the whores you associate with, have any right to criticise.

  2. Neil, I like to reply to comments on my blog, and not delete them, even if they are so insulting as yours.

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  3. You are lying. There are. There are also far more across the blog - see the Yugoslavia entries here. http://neilsindex.blogspot.com/

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  4. Agree that corruption is a cultural thing in many parts of the world, but not that the people at all levels accept it. Ordinary folks around the world hate the corruption of politics, business and policing. See for example the backlash against corruption in Inida right now. Unfortunately for us footy fans it is the corrupt elite of these countries that sit in FIFA congress. Still it's right for the FA to take a stand against it. Your right, it won't take a vote in FIFA congress to clean up FIFA, it will just need the big sponsors and the big TV rights countries such as England and the USA to start threatening their revenue.

    And Mr Craig, I'm assuming from your blog you think Lord Ashdown, NATO, the Vatican, Google, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and everyone who works for the BBC are in fact Nazis involved in a conspiracy to profit from mutilating Serbians; and because Lord Ashdown is a Liberal Democrat party member, all Liberal Democrat party members are in on it. This seems a little far fetched, and I too couldn't find any evidence to back it up.

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  6. I have not deleted anything, otherwise why are these comments here

  7. Dazzler, I don't wish to condone FIFA's approach, but our FA's hypocrisy is laughable. Is this the same FA that rebuked our media for publishing corruption claims last year? If we had been awarded the World Cup this would all have been swept under the carpet. We were asked for a bribe (what was it? half a million plus a few tickets?) that paled in comparison to the EIGHTEEN MILLION pounds we spent on the campaign. Given the raft of tax-breaks and legislation-change FIFA insists on for the duration of the tournament, I'm glad we didn't get it.

  8. If my next day reply to "anonymous" was not deleted howcum it isn't there? Political censorship is, of course, anathema to real liberals but less so than war crimes, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, child rape and organlegging.

    If anon, or anybody else, wishes to pretend that Ashdown and the others aren't Nazi war criminals perhaps they might like to explain why aggressive unprovoked war, mass urderm genocidem child rape and organlegging were lawful.