Sunday, 8 May 2011

Scotland goes, Conservatives gain

It can't be denied that there were many very amazing results in the May 5th elections.

Two of which were, Conservatives gaining seats when they were expected to lose and the SNP gaining a majority in Hollyrude.

This majority for the Scottish Nationalist will result at some point in a vote for independence. It is well known that the majority of Scots do not want independence at the moment. But let's say over time the SNP manage to persuade the Scottish people to break the union.

Now putting aside the fact that the Conservatives are a unionist party and will be fighting in Scotland for it to remain part of the UK. They can't stop this vote and would have to agree to the democrat result of a referendum.

There are currently 41 Labour, 11 Liberal Democrat MPs, 6 SNP seats and only 1 Conservative seat. If any seats change hands in the next election, they won't be going to the Conservatives. So the maths is simple.

Lose Scotland and the Tories lose 58 opposition seats to their 1. They also lose a more left wing country.

England and Wales could be left with many more Conservative governments. Good job for Labour that Wales are not leaving the UK, just yet.

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