Sunday, 5 June 2011

Dianne Abbott’s racism is embarrassing!

Below is a guest post from Walaa Idris who blogs at

I am black and I am a Conservative and very proud of both. And although at first glance one has nothing to do with the other if we look closely the two are intertwined - have always been in harmony and very much complement one another. Black culture whether African, Caribbean or American is conservative by nature and in my case it’s double because I am half Arab – so being a conservative comes natural to me as it does to most black people and the notion that they can only support socialist ideals and left of centre views is a myth.

The basic values of work hard look after yourself and your own help your community and those who can’t support themselves, give whatever you can from your time and money to those who need it and share your knowledge with the young and those who can utilise it, are all basic black traditions. My ancestors in Africa - where there is still little if any welfare state to fall-back on - employed them for centuries and continue to until today. Slaves too, carried these strong traditions and values with them to the Americas, and today Caribbeans and Africans brought them and continue to practice them in the UK. The strong sense of religion and the Church being the centre of most communities is at the heart of conservative ethos.

So when I read that Dianne Abbott, the first black female MP in the UK has told a young black woman - who after showing her admiration and appreciation to Ms Abbott asked if she can be of any help – to go and work for a white conservative, “You obviously don’t do the black thing, that’s part of being a black conservative”: said Abbott. Initially, I too was mortified at the comment – however, this time around I was not so shocked by Abbott’s callous thoughtless remarks. It’s not the first time nor will it be the last time for us to hear this type of oblivious bigotry from Dianne Abbott. Plus it’s a Labour thing all this ‘divide and rule’ and ‘us and them’ business - it’s what they always resort to when they lose the argument - even though, in this occasion; there was no argument to lose. Nevertheless, the racist Abbott could not believe a young Tory supporter can show her adoration, shower her with praise yet at the same time not share her political believes - because in the Us & Them rulebook everything is cut and dry.

What does skin colour have to do with helping out in a constituency or Westminster anyway - one wonders what criteria Dianne Abbott employs when hiring her own staff, or advising constituents …...!


My thoughts are that while historically black voters may of been more likely to vote Labour, this perception is changing. That's a good thing as it shows an integration of values in our society.

No longer can you define someone who is Black or Asian as a natural Labour voter or a natural socialist. Just like racists voters don't just vote BNP.

So it is crazy to believe that being black means you can't be a Conservative or a Republican. The people Diane have moved on, perhaps you should to.


  1. Well, we all know that Abbott is a bit of a muppet. All she has to do is open her mouth. People often say stupid things and politicians are no exception. I'm minded to think of Baroness Warsi's comments about the dinner-party test (

  2. Warsi and Abbott both use their colour as an excuse to be unPleasant

  3. Well said Walaa! I too am sick and tired of all the us-and-them nonsense whether it is based on income, sex, skin colour, political or philosophical persuasion or any other way of pigeon-holing people.
    Human beings are multi-faceted and we are all subject to the same vagueries, vanities, hypocrisies and bigotries, strengths and virtues as each other, regardless of where we hail from.
    We all know some people hold racist views, but equally that far more are open-minded, tolerant and kind. Sadly, despite Diane Abbott forging a path both for women and for people of colour (I use that term in order to include everyone possible) she has long exhibited all the facets of intolerance, hypocrisy and bigotry she constantly complains of.
    As such it is only natural to conclude that Ms. Abbott is not a good role model for people to follow, but then her philosophical outlook is totally in tune with the modern Labour Party. I voted for them in the past but I don't care for hypocritical bigots, nor for a permanently held view of 'poor me, I'm a victim' and 'what's in it for me?' Consequently I have concluded that I am unable to vote for them in future as conservative views (with a small 'c') are more in tune with my own.
    I continue to enjoy your tweets. It would be good to see you enter parliament one day soon!
    Kind regards,
    (tgw123 on Twitter)