Friday, 22 July 2011

I cannot do it any more captain

I know I have written this before. But I simply do not have the time to maintain this blog. I simply cannot react in time to the daily events. Events in my life like having a son and my work life balance have simply taken all my time.
Although I do still have plenty to say I do not feel I have the time to say it.
So for now I won't be blogging on this site or any other. although your still find me on Twitter.
Thank you for your time in reading my words.
Over and out.


  1. Dazmando,
    Don't finalise it. Just blog less often - when you feel like it and do have time. It is very difficult to keep up the virtual daily/bi-daily rate in perpetuity.

    Take a break , blog once a week or once a fortnight or whatever.

    While I may/may not agree with your posts they are always well thought out. It's a loss for everyone if you walked away forever.

  2. You can start from short paragraph, write down any thing comes to your mind.