Saturday, 16 July 2011

I'm Sorry and the Euro

I simply do not have the time at the moment to blog. I have been very busy and simply cannot find the time to follow politics closely enough or indeed to blog about it.

I have been more concerned about the situation with debt in Europe that the Murdoch scandal. I think this is a time bomb that will soon go off.

I also think it's time for us Lib Dems to put the idea of ever joining the Euro firmly behind us. It's a non starter and we should admit that this currency can't really work for the UK just like it doesn't for so many countries with such different economics and political choices.

Hope to be back sooner rather than later



  1. Utter rubbish. Has anybody pointed out that British newspapers may be just a little bit biased. Those stories the Mail and the Telegraph have been printing every day for a decade on how the continent is close to social breakdown aren't true.

    We need the euro. We need the reduction in costs for our business (let alone for our holidays). We need a stable currency. We need to end the ridiculous British idea that devaluation is the answer to every problem.

    We need to the LibDems to remain as the only strong pro-European voice in British politics.

  2. "we need a stable currency"

    er, yeah, it's obviously working then. And a bargain at the several billion we have to keep chucking at it to keep it, er, "stable"

  3. I'm not concerned with what the newspapers have been saying. But this is really happening. Read plenty in the FT and the Economist on this issue. Of course if it wasn't for the debts then this issue wouldn't of come up. But it has. Countries need to beable to set their interest rates for one.