Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Three Conservative councillors suspended from Bracknell Forest Council

Three Conservative councillors have now been suspended from Bracknell Forest Council's Conservative group because they voted against the housing plans in November. Eight Conservative councillors in total voted against these plans, however the other 5 has not been suspended because the houses would be in the words they represent.


These councillors are Chas Baily, Hanworth, Michael Sargeant,Bullbrook and Shelagh Pile, Harmans Water,This was because even though there are 40 Tories on a council of 42 members the conservative leadership still felt it necessary impose a three-line whip.


At least these councillors voted for what they believed their electorate wanted. Yet another example of why it's so important to have some opposition members from other parties on this council.


  1. Its a rather cynical kind of three line whip where anyone with development in their ward is permitted to vote as they see fit but anyone else is punished for representing the wider interests of voters and the town.

    What does suspension mean at this stage in the electoral cycle. Does it represent anything more than a rap on the knuckles? Would I be correct in assuming that these refusniks will be back in the fold well before next election time?

  2. I suppose they were all leaned on by council ours who don't actually live in bracknell

  3. Three line whips are no different to dictatorship. The Tories are the nasty party. Vote UKIP.