Tuesday, 10 January 2012

London be careful what you dictate to Scotland

Westminster needs to be careful with its statement to change the legal status of a referendum. It is important and right that Scotland has the legal issues resolved in time for a referendum. But this should not be used to rush a vote through on Westminster terms.

This could fall into the SNP's hands and could be seen as London dictating to Scotland if the rules are decided at Westminster and not at Holyrood.

This move could cause a backlash and mean that Scotland breaks away from the union on a temporary upsurge in strong feelings over London pressure spurred on by the SNP.

This is very dangerous for the union and also for devolved democracy.

The SNP in the Scottish parliament has already overcome the odds in getting elected in a parliament designed to not give a majority to a single party. The Westminster parties should not underestimate the SNP or the First Minister, Alex Salmond.

We also shouldn't fear the 3 options vote as this will split the vote and will mean that the SNP is campaign for two options. A very hard position to hold.

So be careful because people are naturally rebellious when they are dictated to by those with power.


  1. The Tories' terms for the binding referendum include keeping the voting age 18. When it is already 16 in the closely neighbouring Isle of Man. In advance of this vote, regardless of result it should be held to have no legitimacy as an act of self-determination in international law. That will follow from excluding from exercise of that sovereign power a population group would have votes anywhere in the world where the same sovereign power might be exercised.
    This intentionally also will establish that at international law and UN level the whole world is always forced to have as liberal a franchise as anywhere has.

  2. There good point in international law. Regardless of these arguments within the uk surely these are the most important rules.