Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Are conferences bad for political parties‏?

Going to the Lib Dem conference and watching the news about the conference almost feels like two completely different events. All this news about disunity is really not the case at all. Can a political party not have a conference where there is no open discussion? What would be the point of a conference where we all agreed?

I prefer politics when you don't just have a bunch of robots following every command of the leader. It is good to question them as it will produce in the end better policies.

I can predict that something will happen at the Labour and Tory party conferences where they are also shown in a bad light due to some internal disagreement. But let’s bear in mind that some of this disagreement is part of the process and we should be pleased that it exists for the good of politics.

Of course the usual positive point for any political party is the main rally, the leader’s speech at the end of the party conference. But from the public’s point of view taking a whole month of conferences into account, I do wonder if conferences are bad for political parties‏. I guess some exposure can hurt them.

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