Monday, 28 September 2009

Regeneration Plans for Bracknell Town on Hold

What has happened to the great regeneration plans for Bracknell Town?

Following years of delay Councillor Bettison has said to the local press that 'Any such development must be demand led'. So what does demand led mean? This means that the town centre redevelopment will only happen on an adhoc basis will be a very slow in happening. It will look nothing like the plans here .

Bracknell town centre is looking outdated and there are now a number of empty shops and buildings. Although some of these empty buildings are due to the recession some are also due to the short leases and delay and uncertainty in the town centre planning.

Its not only the fact that the plans have been delayed for so long its also the cost of these plans. I can remember the surveys being carried out all over the town for the regeneration plans. The costs of the development plans themselves and the exhibition in town showing people how their town centre could look if only it happened. The local conservative party has been in control of the local government since 1997, which means they have had plenty of time to carry out the plans for the ambitious redevelopment. If it was not possible then maybe a less ambitious plan should of been considered.

Could this be yet another reason for councillor Paul Bettison not making the short list for the open primary as this would of been an easy stick for opposition parties to point out in the leaflets.


  1. Bettison's rule on Bracknell Forest Borough Council has meant local council tax payers have had their money wasted to the tune of over £3,000,000 on thie project. We are left with nothing to show for the expense except an ever more dilapidated looking town centre which may or may not get a little improvement here and there if someone can find some more money. Chances are most commercial enterprises will not want to be associated with a degenerating site and the downward spiral will continue. Look what happened to the old £M Imation building! Why didn't they go with the less ambitious plan suggested years ago? That could have been in place by now!

  2. My Mum and Dad live in Crowthorne and they told me today that they went into Bracknell town centre and were glad to come away because its going down-hill and not worth going to again. My Mum and Dad moved to Priestwood Bracknell in 1957 so they now what they are talking about. I'm dont know who is in charge of Bracknell centre anymore but they arnt doing a good job.

  3. The chances of Bracknell town centre ever being regenerated are slim at best. I heard that Reading, Wokingham and Camberley all objected to the proposed redevelopment as it "would take customers away from their towns". Have the morons that said such rubbish ever been to the town centres of Wokingham, Camberley and Reading? Reading town centre is easily twice the size of Bracknells even after regeneration. I believe most of the problems stem from a weak council and the fact that the yown centre is owned by 2 large insurance companies who can't really agree on the best solution. What the residents actually think or feel seems to be irrelevant. Besides which there is the issue of the listed buildings in the town centre, any regeneration should take this into account especially as we lost a lot of beautiful Edwardian and Elizabethan architecture when the town centre was redeveloped the last time.
    So stuff Bracknell Forest Borough Council and the two large insurance companies that own the town centre so long as you all make money what do the poeple who live and work in Bracknell matter!

  4. Sure it doesnt matter what other towns think jst ehat our council do, so what if the object its our town!

    BTW can you let me know which buildings are listed which form part of the re generation, Thanks