Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Hanworth and Birch Hill Borough Councillor By-election

There has been so much news about the open primary for the Conservative PPC its worth reminding the good people of the Bracknell Forest ward of Hanworth (which includes Hanworth and Birch Hill ) that they will have an election for a local Borough Councillor following the sad death of Councillor Alan Browne. The candidates are;

Mark Phillips of the Conservative

Larraine de Laune of the Liberal Democrats

Janet Keene of the Labour Party

Steven Martin Gabb of the Green Party

Jeff Newbold of the of the UK Independence

David Anthony Penson British National Party

The election will be held on Thursday 15th October 2009.

Please do express your democratic right and vote for your preferred candidate.

For those voters living in the Hanworth and not the Birch Hill area of Bracknell then you will also beable to vote for a town councillor.


  1. Vote for Jeff Newbold the UK Independence Party Candidate. The others are rubbish.

    Link http://www.ukipberkshire.co.uk/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1254174464&archive=&start_from=&ucat=3&TB=home3

  2. Yes indeed I will vote UKIP. The alternatives are a bunch of international, national, blue, green and yellow socialists. Only UKIP have policies that make sense.

  3. This is a local Election UKIP people. Having a Councillor wont get the UK out of Europe. Whats really important here is how will the people be served by the councillor on local issues. Lib Dems have a great track record here. I can't speak for the other members but I know Larraine and she is franky brilliant.

    Anyway I have been examining UKIP policys or what there are of them. You do have socialist policys you know, still going to have benefits and support the NHS, I expect your more socialist then you relise.

    Remember the UKIP policys only make sense to some not all.

  4. I had a look at the link. Would not surprise me if most of the candidates would want to many of the same thinks on a local level. Problem is how can you do this. Its good to have a different voice and thats what we need. But what we also need s a few more different voices and any change like that cant happen until 2011.

    I look forward to watch our little local election with the hope that people will actually come out an vote.

    Good luck to all but I would add that I doubt the others are simply rubbish as this is not really a stong argument. I think UKIP supports will need to cone up with a better message than that.

  5. Bracknell is virtually a one-party state. They have controlled Bracknell Forest Borough Council since 1997. The few Labour councillors have put up very little opposition and even independant-minded Tory councillors have been ineffective against Paul Bettison's kitchen cabinet fiefdom. Without opposition any council gets complacent. Look where Tory & Labour M.Ps' complacency got to in Westminster! Throughout the country LibDem councillors are known for their tenacity to get things done for constituents.

  6. UKIP is against the socialism that takes huge amounts of tax to a world beating high level of GDP, raises council tax every year regardless, spends that take on benefitting the feckless and immigrants and on economically crazy environmental projects, bangs on about diversity that wrecks the cohesion of a sovereign nation, encourages a creeping invasion of the state into what was once the preserve of the family and the individual, engages in social engineering through ill thought through laws, invents new crimes to counter opinions 'They' don't like and are supported by politically correct non-jobsworths, thinks it’s OK for neighbours to inform the authorities of breeches of petty regulations like that you can't even look after your friends kids without the state getting involved, delivers propaganda to innocent young school children that this or that sexuality is all ok, increases development and housing density way beyond sensible levels, sets up an unrepresentative and dictatorial executive cabinet structure in local government. I could go on.
    That's the sort of socialism that I despise and that is the sort of socialism that the other parties in this by-election, the NuLiebour wreckers, the shallow Heirs to Blair party, the abhorrent National Socialists and the various wimpy shades of yellowy green have policies for. Of course UKIP have policies that look after the less fortunate in society, but won’t do it in a socialist way that has become all too costly, invasive, controlling and frightening.
    As for representation of the people of Hanworth and the council tax payers of Bracknell; UKIP are not standing in this by-election to bring about the UK leaving the EU, but, if you vote for UKIP, you will be represented in the BFC as opposition by someone who will speak out against BFC imposing the socialism I have outlined above and support policies that are necessary, effective, economically sound and will improve the quality of life in Bracknell for all.

  7. Wayne person - keep only thinking local if you want.
    When UKIP get increasing numbers of votes at elections it's because the Voters agree with their views on local, national and international governance (or lack of goverance in the case of the EU and UN). 2nd in the Eurus in June proves that.
    The main parties will then wake up and adopt UKIP's radical common sense policies because they want those votes; that's when UKIP are influencing policy. Don't forget, the Cameroon Tories, blowers-in-the-wind that they are, did just that when they thought the creature Blair was a vote winner and oops what a misjudgement because the Tory voter did not like it and said "Hallo UKIP can we come in?". At least the Dim Libs have some principles, although they remain misguided.

  8. The abhorrent "National Socialists"? Mmmmm.... That was the official name for the Nazi party wasn't it? Seems to me UKIP ought to go away and learn a little history and economics before they start ranting their incoherent bile. Shouting personalised invective will not get any of us out of the very difficult decisions that need to be made, whoever is elected. This is a local byelection brought about because a standing member sadly passed away unexpectedly. I do not hold with many of the the policies put forward by this local Conservative council. However, I have found both my local Birch Hill council representatives to be both helpful and attentive when asked. Take the personalised ranting out of this contest - it shows UKIP and their supporters for what the are and only takes attention away from talking about the policies being promoted by the various parties. that is what we should be talking about.

  9. Interesting how a local election comment can turn into some rant on the EU.

    What’s important is what will the local cllr do for a people of Hanworth and Birth Hill. Not how socialist you are? Anyway this Lib Dem believes in small government which means simpler benefits and fairer ones with less bureaucracy

  10. I've been following this topic because tomorow we have a vote in Hanworth/Birchill. Seeing as comments have died down abouit I will say that Wayne on line, not UKIP people raised the subject of the EU in this blog. And who was that with the chip on their shoulder wading in with the Nazis/history stuff?
    Anyway Daz - good call and I'm with you on the small government/less bureaucracy comment.

  11. Thanks Anonymous. vote tomorrow will be interesting to see the result