Saturday, 7 November 2009

Julie Kirkbride MP Open Primary?

Conservative Home has a frankly amazing story on Julie Kirkbride (MP for Bromsgrove) who is Andrew Mackay Bracknell MP’s wife here.

Julie Kirkbride has told the Bromsgrove Conservatives she wishes to be their candidate at the general election after already stating that she would stand down. The rumour is that ‘David Cameron promised to try and save Julie Kirkbride's career at the time he forced her husband Andrew MacKay to step down’.

I had wondered why there had been no Open Primary/Caucus like here in Bracknell where Phillip Lee won the right to be the Conservative PPC.

Conservative Home states ‘CCHQ expects Bromsgrove Conservatives to hold an all-postal Open Primary to select their candidate for the general election and that Ms Kirkbride told her Executive that "if cleared by the Legg Inquiry" (whatever that means precisely), she would like to be considered as a candidate in such a process.’

I believe I am right in stating that if this happened it would be unprecedented turn of events. We will wait and see what Tory HQ decide to do.


  1. I'm sure common sense will prevail and she won't get past any initial internal selection process. She probably has a bunch of sycophantic local conservative party members whispering in her ear that she is a wonderful consistuency MP and that
    she deserved all those bogus expenses. It's a real shame that party members of all the main parties find it so hard to see fault in their own MPs but are quite happy to point the finger of condemnation at the 'other lot'.

    Reminds me of our own recent Bracknell conservative selection process. One of the candidates made a joke about the vile and venal Jacqui Smith 'troughing' and there was applause from the audience... was I the only one to detect the stench of hypocrisy... the reason the meeting was being held was because of the even more extreme 'troughing' of our own Bracknell MP.

  2. Julie Kirkbride will stand again.Dave and Julie get on

  3. this woman and her husband have taken thousands in expenses over the years and in my opinion are by far the worst offenders. I have written to Cameron asking if she is standing again but have recieved no reply . How strange . We must keep up the pressure on them or they will again use us for doormats and I am wearing a bit thin. God help us. Amen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bracknell conservatives need a clean sweep I hope they clean away the sycophantic bevy of women who cover up for the disgraceful Mackay too.