Sunday, 29 November 2009

Why Are So Many MP's Not Replying To Letters

I have been in contract with a number of IT workers in pursuit of a developing story which I will report on later (needless to say it’s related to the Lloyds story here). There has been a concerted effort by a large number of IT contractors who have been sending letters and information off to MP's of all parties, I have also send a few emails to MP’s on their behalf myself.

I know that MP's can be famous for not replying and I can understand if it’s an issue that is already being dealt with or if you’re a constant pest. But I have been surprised by how many MP's do not reply at all.

No MEP's replied apart from a UKIP MEP who simply replied with a standard email from Nigel Farage which told the reader that his party does not have the money and is not as big as the other main parties and therefore could not examine the email and then went on to list the beliefs of the UKIP party. Do MEP’s not have any staff I wonder they get an allowance of €185k for staff.

Andrew Mackay (MP for one of the IT workers as well as my MP) did reply at first but it all went very quite after he decided to stand down after the second home scandal. So far Steve Webb MP of the Libdems has replied but only to pass the information on to John Thurso's MP on 20th October and I have not heard anything else. Even a reply to say the email was received would have been something. Perhaps they do not have enough staff again. However this sort of thing does make people believe that our politicians are simply un-contactable and I’m starting to agree. Luckily I can speak to MP's myself at conferences but this is not the case for the general public and I will have a long wait till the next conference.

So what’s wrong with the system? Is going to the surgery the only way to get hold of your MP? Perhaps. But I do wish others and myself could get some sort of reply, otherwise MP’s will continue to appear distant from their voters.

MEP allowances fact file from the times here


  1. I think I'm right in saying that Andrew Mackay is one of the few MPs who doesn't do surgeries.

  2. If Andrew MacKay is not properly responding to letters and doesn't even do a surgery any more then it seriously calls into question why he is still an MP. If he is not willing to do his job then he should stand down. However good an MP he may have been in the past, his position is not a sinecure. Bracknell deserves better than this.

  3. It's not that he doesn't do a surgery "any more", it's that he's never done a surgery (to my knowledge). I'm perfectly willing to be corrected on that if I'm wrong here.

    One thing that's always said about Mackay is that he's a "good constituency MP", it's a great shame if he's decided to give up on that part of his role.

    The situation with Mackay is ridiculous. Most right-minded people feel that he should pay the money back. Unfortunately it looks as if he's just going to keep his head down, stay quiet and never pay a penny back to the tax payer. His performance after the meeting to the cameras was shameful and embarrassing and should not be forgotten.

  4. Andrew mackay never holds surgeries and is pritected by layer os arrogant women who will do anything to protect him from speaking directly a contituent.

    His 'agent' Mary Ballin doesnt know his diary

    No one knoew his movements he may be into the bracknell office - but may not who knows.

    how indeed does one meet the elusive Mr Mackay?