Friday, 8 October 2010

No No No Not Alan Johnson as Shadow Chancellor

Ed Miliband has clearly changed his mind about winning over Liberal Democrat voters with the appointment of the highly authoritarian Alan Johnson. I freely admit that Alan is a big hitter and more popular than say Ed Balls who commentators expected to get the job.

However was this not a chance for Ed Miliband to demonstrate how different he is and to demonstrate this new generation. I personally think a more radical and better appointment would have been Yvette Cooper. Even though this could of looked like a snub to her husband Ed Balls. I think Yvette Cooper would have been a refreshing change to shadow Chancellor.

A missed opportunity to have an ambitious women as shadow Chancellor and to demostrate a different radical Labour party.

Todays link is to Tory Blogger Walaa Idris who asks How is Alan Johnson a New Generation!? and Labour blogger Scarlet Standard who supported Ed Miliband and can see internal and external political advantages of putting Johnson in the role.


  1. preferable to Vince "those cuts will be disastrous, oh no hang on, they'll be fine" Cable

  2. Oh dear! It might not be too late to enrol for an English evening class at your local college.

    "demostrate" x2
    "would of been" x2
    "could of looked"

    Have you been introduced to the comma? Did you notice I used a question mark?
    Act quickly, before Danny Alexander swings his machete.

  3. Yep my English is terrible I failed English at school due to bad behaviour. Plus I'm dyslexic. I have tried to improve but I never see it.