Friday, 12 November 2010

More land development for Bracknell Borough

Bracknell Forest Council has opened for consultation their plans for the future housing development here. Comments can be made on the website (I will post mine in due course).This is for the remaining 3,626 houses required of the 10,780 additional homes proposed by 2026.
The proposals include the heading 'Previously Developed Land in Defined Settlements'.
These sites are;
18 houses at Adastron House, Crowthorne Road, Bracknell
100 houses at Garth Hill School, Sandy Lane, Bracknell
14 houses on Land at Battle Bridge House, and Garage, Forest Road, Warfield
28 at Peacock Bungalow, Peacock Lane, Binfield
35 at Farley Hall, London Road, Binfield
77 at The Depot (Commercial Centre), Bracknell Lane West, Bracknell
40 at Albert Road Car Park, Bracknell
20 at The Iron Duke, Waterloo Place, Old Bakehouse Court, High Street, Crowthorne
216 at Land to the north of Eastern Road, Bracknell
Some of the sites above make sense like the Iron Duke which has been boarded up for quite some time. However it's the next list that I am most concerned about. When reading through the document I find that developed land includes parks and playing fields.
Other Land within Defined Settlements where policy SA 2 states 'Identified for housing and should be developed in accordance with the requirements identified in respect of each site and all general policy considerations.'
40 at Bay Drive, Bracknell
85 at The Football Ground, Larges Lane, Bracknell
10 at 24-30 Sandhurst Road, Crowthorne
100 at Land at Cricket Field Grove, Crowthorne
20 at Land at School Hill, Crowthorne
11 at Sandbanks, Longhill Road, Bracknell (Winkfield Parish)
75 at Land north of Cain Road, Binfield
12 at 152 New Road, Ascot (Winkfield Parish)
What caught my eye was the Football ground and Cricket Field Grove. This would mean a new location would have to be found for Bracknell FC (which has been looked at before).
Details of the sites can be viewed here and the maps are here.
Of course this is a consultation so these houses won't go ahead at all locations but it's worth getting in your thoughts about the developments now. Click on link here for your comments as they will be considered.


  1. I've lived in Bracknull for 50 of my 54 years. As a new town it was good. As an old town it is just a place for concentrating housing; and it hasn't even got a proper town centre or amentities to match it's size. Welcome to Prescottsville. Fortunately I can now think about moving away to somewhere nicer and will be doing so soon.

  2. A decision by a Government minister which led to Bracknell cutting its housing numbers was ruled ‘unlawful’ by a High Court judge.
    So despite the nimbys we will get back to the number of hoises that wee need for hour yong peeple.

  3. And I so wish we had a decent town centre. it would really help.