Monday, 1 November 2010

Yes we can't Obama

President Obama famously said on the John Stewart Daily show, "Yes we can but...". 

Obama, oh what hopes the world had.

It turns out that Obama likes to let others push through his reforms and is happy to have them watered down. He only has himself to blame for Democrat voters not flooding out in their droves to vote for his party in the mid term elections. Obama has blown it.

The Republicans and the Tea Party supporters would of attacked Obama and the Democrats with the same vigour with or without Obama's watered down reforms. So Obama should of gone for it anyway, gone the whole hog. It's ok to have enemies in politics. It motivates your own side to and gives clarity to your positions.

However this is not all good news for the Republicans, they better watch out to. Because if the Tea Party are not happy with the new found power that control of the senate may give them then (and I suspect they won't be) I can see the Tea Party running as a 3rd Party with perhaps plenty of Libertarian right Wing Conservative Republicans standing as members of an all new Tea Party.

From movements do political parties grow. You have been warned.


  1. This is the most important election of my time. As I say below, our country's very survival depends on the electorate to come to their senses and stop this mad march to soviet style socialism.

    "Finally, I want to once again address the past primaries and the future of our country in general. It is apparent beyond all doubt that the establishment on both sides are deathly afraid of the so called Tea Party (and thus the electorate in general) and they well should be! For those of you who prefer to live in a cave, the Tea Party from my view is not just about returning to conservative principles. The people who are aligning themselves behind this movement are looking for so much more. We are looking for men and women of principle! We want representatives that obey the will of the people, not their leaders or their own power lust! We want a return to the bedrock principles this country was founded on! We sure as hell do not want to be told we are racists, hate mongers or all the other names we are called just because we disagree with the direction this country is being taken. We believe in free speech, not "Obama says you will think and say as I want".

    The Tea Party movement is many things to many people. To those in power, it is a threat. To those who believe in the hard core Marxist principles being espoused by this administration, it is a threat! For those who believe our country needs to subvert itself to the whims of Islamic Fanatics, or Euro Socialism or whatever else, it is a threat!

    As such, there are way too many people who do not remotely understand what is happening here. Our fighting men and women, our forefathers who gave their blood and lives for this country, they understand! Unfortunately, the folks that have either had everything handed to them or instead have chosen to ride on the back of others instead of being responsible for themselves combined with the elected morons who realize keeping people reliant on government insures their power, they do not understand!

    The Tea Party movement is not a fight for the heart and soul of the Republican party! A co-opted media led by a hard core left wing wanna be dictatorship government would want you to believe that it is in fact all about the Republicans. And they would be dead wrong! The Tea Party movement is a fight for the heart and soul of our country! It is a fight to return us to what made us the greatest country in the world! How sad that entrenched politicians on the right along with the garbage on the left cannot or refuse to understand such a basic tenet!

  2. It's a bit rich for a LibDem to criticise Obama for watering down his policies now that his party is in power. LibDems would never compromise their principles would they???

  3. No it's not. Obama is not a minority party in a coalition. It's a totally different thing

  4. Joetote the democrats are no where near as left wing as you may think. Not compared to even right Wong parties in europe

  5. But Obama effectively is in just such a coalition! The Democratic Party is a coalition arguably just as wide (if not wider!) than our very own. Obama's problem was: (a) the stupid rule of cloture that means that nothing controversial can pass the Senate unless it has 60 votes, and (b) his own very conservative senators. It is telling that in the weeks after Labor Day (as they insist on spelling it), there were numerous Democrat candidates for the House bragging about voting against 'ObamaCare', but not a single one saying proudly that he had helped extend affordable healthcare to 99% of the population. The only way that Joe Manchin can win West Virginia for the Democrats is by attacking 'ObamaCare' (which he previously supported), virulently opposing cap and trade, banging on about gun rights, and even refusing to support the president for another term. This is the kind of political culture they have in the States, and it's only likely to get worse. I'm amazed Obama's done as well as he has, and he certainly doesn't deserve the pasting he's getting both in the US and over here. His only offence was to underestimate how hard it is to deliver change in 21st century America.

  6. Obama and the Democrats are about as Socialist as New Labour. It's astonishing how right-wing American politics is. If people bothered to read anything other than the garbage that the mainstream media fed us, there was plenty of journalism even before Obama was elected that he was more of the same, simple because his campaign was financed in record levels by Wall Street. Indeed, I emailed this blog's author numerous examples before and after the election, most of which were ignored or argued against. People were blinded by his eloquence and his colour, despite the fact he was arguing for not punishing the bankers, bailing out Wall Street and war expansion in the middle-east. His cabinet consisted of Clinton's financial-market-deregulators and Bush's war-advisors - so why the surprise now? His spending stimulus was too weak to work and not fully delivered upon anyway, not to those who needed it, so unemployment has risen as many (for example, Paul Krugman, Nobel award winning economist) predicted.

  7. keV. I have carefully read all your emails and agree with alot of it. I tweeted links to them.

  8. Chains you can believe in more like. So-called Democratic Socialism is a failure just like all other left wing philosophies. Wealth creating capitalism is the true path to future prosperity for all.