Thursday, 16 December 2010

Bob Ainsworth says make drugs legal

Bob Ainsworth, who was the Home Office minister under Blair's government said "successive governments approaches had failed, leaving criminal gangs in control".

I suspect that Bob Ainsworth has not u-turned but always believed that legalising drugs was the only way to control it. Now he is out of office he feels that he can put the case publicly (a public u-turn maybe). This to after Professor David Nutt lost his job as a scientific adviser to the government.

I suspect no government will actually legailise any drugs (even cannabis) because of the high political risk. It would be brave of any government to go down the road of legalisation, just imagine the papers. Althought it's a road that I would agree with.

Well done Bob.


  1. It is just a pity that when in office Bob Ainsworth decided to keep his head down and let Brown sack David Nutt unopposed. Brown then went on to pack the ACMD with non scientists.

    Again, not a squeak from Bob Ainsworth.

    It is all very well for Bob Ainsworth to come out with his views from the safety of the opposition back benches, but when the country relied on him to tell it as it is he decided to be a spineless sycophant instead.

  2. Billo I totally agree. And He won't beThe last Minister to uturn when not in government.

  3. I guess my point is thy atleast he has said something. He still could of kept is mouth shut after all