Sunday, 5 December 2010

Why do the Russians bother

MI5 have arrested Katia Zatuliveter who is a parliamentary aide to Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock who is a member of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee. You can read about it here.
However I wonder why the Russian bother to have so many spies in the UK when so much information is so often leaked. Surely spying for the Russians in the west is being affected by the law of diminishing returns thanks to Wiki leaks and laptops on trains.
In these days of leaks is spying on the West really worth it?


  1. Seriously, how the hell can a member of the House of Commons Defence Committee have ANY foreigner as an aid, let alone a Russian.

    Am I missing the plot or what? Is Mike Hancock really that gullible? Or should I say stupid?

    Maybe the Defence Secretary should employ a member of the Taliban as an aid.

    What a very, very unfunny joke.

  2. Billo I have no idea Hancock has always been a thorn in the lib dems side.