Monday, 20 December 2010

A Tory led government

The new instruction from Ed Miliband to call the coalition a 'Tory led government' is a work of genius.
If you want to really get peoples back up (of those that hate the Tories atleast) while at the same time dismissing the Lib Dem influence, then this is probably the best line of attack.
Could this be Ed's cleverest move?


  1. With campaigning skills like that, who needs policies?

  2. I can't agree. Consider:

    A: The phrase implies that The Conservatives are providing leadership. This is never a good thing for an opposition to do. This is why the Conservatives in opposition very rarely said 'the governing party'.
    B: This may go some way (if only subliminally) to reassuring the Conservative voters who are worried that Cameron is making too many concessions to the LDs.

    On the other side of the argument this message may resonate with disaffected LDs who are the target audience. Does this outweigh the points I made? Maybe in the short term and those LD-Lab waiverers boost Lab poll figures therefore sustain momentum.

  3. Personally I will never understand why a lib dem would turn to labour. Why not join labour in the first place if that's how one felt.