Friday, 21 January 2011

Questions for Dr Phillip Lee MP for Bracknell

Questions for Dr Phillip Lee MP.
In a few weeks time I will be speaking to local Bracknell Conservative MP Dr Phillip Lee about what it's like becoming a new MP and how this has changed his life. I will be asking him a few other questions on general policy such as the NHS reforms.
If anyone has any other question that they would like to ask him then please post them in the comments below.


  1. Sandhurst Taxpayer24 January 2011 at 11:36

    Question for Dr. Lee:

    Have you had any problems with the IPSA?
    Do you understand the need for an independent authority to oversee MPs' behaviour in order to rebuild the public's trust in politicians after the colossal abuse of the expenses and allowances system by the likes of your predecessor Andrew MacKay?

  2. Ask him if he supports unlimited ICT visas being issued to mainly Indian nationals working for the outsourcers?

    Ask him if he thinks its right that massive tax and national insurance dispensations are given to ICT visa workers here enabling them to massively undercut native Brits in the workforce?

    Ask him if he thinks its right the Indian outsourcing movement makes massive profits out of the UK but pays most of its tax in tax havens and not here?

    Ask him if he thinks ICT visa holders should be allowed to bring seriously ill family members here who immediately cost the NHS a lot when they have not been paying into the system and while they are here they are paying significantly less tax than Brits

    Ask him if he is worried about the amount of leading UK intellectual property that is slipping through our fingers and going to India via the outsourcers? This IP being the only thing that justifies the UK premium price in the world?

    Ask him if he understands the caste in caste racism and bullying and abuse inside the Indian outsourcing movement and how he thinks we should react?

    Ask him what he thinks of Mr Tata the head of a large Indian IT outsourcing outfit should be on Cameron's "business advisory committee" when no British IT leaders are?

    Ask him why Vince Cable supports open doors ICT visas from India?

    Ask him why so many work visa holders here for long times are being given indefinite leave to remain and citizenship? Ask why this is allowed when Brits working in their countries do not receive reciprocal perks.

  3. I am one of the hundreds of thousands of IT workers who has been displaced from the workforce by the Indian outsourcers and their unrestricted movement of Indian nationals into the UK on ICT visas, the ever growing numbers of Indian national staff of Indian outsourcer companies that have been given British citizenship for being here so long, and their movement of British intellectual property to India

    Not only that

    But my children have been displaced from the best school by the Indian national children of Indian national ICT work visa holders

    Do you think it fair or balanced that these workers are given free state education for their children when they are not paying full tax or national insurance, and more importantly Brits working in India (if they can get a visa its much harder for us than it if for them to come here) are not given free education for their children or free healthcare for their families

    The free education for their children is worth more financially than their pay to some of these Indian national families, don't you think this and all the tax perks distorts the market for workers coming here from India?

    Don't you think work visa and attached perks should be made at least reciprocal with other nations? Force them to pay for their own healthcare (especially those already ill before coming here) and education for their children. Force them to pay the same tax and national insurance as Brits.

    What should I tell my family about the numbers of Indian national children in our schools, who live in a family which does not even have a right of abode in the UK just work visas? Don't you think many of my family have worked abroad and had to pay for their own children's education and think its all rather messed up?

    Don't you think Vince and Damian Green have got it seriously wrong?