Sunday, 6 February 2011


Multiculturalism like it or not is here to stay. Governments can't change the mind of those that already live in different cultures.

As someone who has a baby from a mix of cultures and races I don't see multiculturalism as an issue. The real issue is living separate lives and lack of mixing.

Having more people from a bicultural background incorporating British culture would improve our understanding of each other and breakdown our cultural barriers.

Now please people just get on with it and don't concern yourselves with such terms like Multiculturalism all you need is respect and understanding.


  1. Judging by your recent post on child benefit, you don't seem to understand and respect over half the people in the country that are of the same culture and race as yourself. I'd worry about that first.

  2. Firstly, my not say who you are.

    Secondly why don't you have some respect for people on a good wage who unfairly lose of to families earning twice as much. Ie an 80k family receiving benefit over a 40k family. Why not take it away from both, then I won't be complaining.

  3. It is unfair when people that make more money than you claim benefits, however, it's hard to have sympathy with anyone earning as much as you do in these times; when so many are living hand to mouth.

    You get points for honesty though - a lot of people wouldn't of dared post such a thing now. It provoked good debate and showed a sincere middle-class naivety that was almost endearing.

  4. Oh well Chris maybe thi is what happens when you move from working class to middle class,

    Atleast I provided you with some entertainment

  5. No, Governments can't change the mind of those that already live in different cultures. But if people choose to live here we expect them to play by OUR rules.
    Incorporating British culture? Yes a good thing.
    Respect and understanding? Another good thing.
    Looks like it's all in a name definition again.

    What culture will your baby be embracing? What rules will he be told that his has to play by?

  6. I also have a "baby from a mix of cultures and races" but I think "multiculturalism" as advocated by the politically correct in the UK is a failure

    You only have to look at places like Bradford where there are "no go" areas for white folk, and unless you have faced such realities head on you need to be careful what you defend

    Also Cameron is correct when he says "for a long time we have rightly condemned white people who are racist, but we have been slow to condemn non white people for equally nasty views"

    But Cameron doesn't really get it as is shown by his close relationship with the Indian outsourcers who are the most racist (caste against caste, and Indian against Brit) employers in this country, and so on

    If you go around the rest of Europe you will find they look at things remarkably differently to the PC brigade who have dominated this subject in the UK

    I remember well a senior member of the "Commission for Racial Equality" who took great pride in wearing his ethnic costume all of the time screaming down the road to my Irish friend lots of swearing and abuse based on his clear anti Irish views, that summed up for me the evil and double standards of the PC brigade

    Also the English working class are now the folk most discriminated against in this country, lots of the old sixties racist jokes are now commonplace but changed and used against folk living in council estates rather than folk of other colours. Equality is only worth fighting for if folk with working class accents can have some too.

    And so on

    So a bit more complex than your post suggests