Sunday, 20 February 2011

Should I be hanged?

The other day I was walking from home to town when I heard a male voice shout to me.
"Dazmando","Dazmando, you should be hanged, people like you make me sick"
Me "whose that?"
Voice "You earn £40k and your not happy, you should hang"
"What, where are you"
Voice "Go F' yourself"
I started to walk in the direction of the voice, "Talk to me about it?"
Couldn't find anyone,
I couldn't believe it, I'm still a bit miffed, There was no one around, perhaps I'm going mad? I could not see anyone or find anyone there. If your going to have a go at me, whoever you are then please don't run of next time. Talk to me!
I'm not holding office nor do I have any kind of power, I just blog an opinion, we all have them, some may disagree with it, that's fine. I see some good in many political theories and you can see my political compass on my blog. But I'm not comfortable with being shouted at, is blogging really worth tha. I don't get paid for this you know, so please just talk to me, I'm happy to talk to anyon. Don't shout at me or claim that I should be hanged, especially when I don't support the death penalty!
The above is in relation to this blog 'Sorry'


  1. Personally Dazmando, I find the idea of hanging someone for earning £40K somewhat extreme. But if you pulled out in front of me on the bypass, spilt my my beer down the pub or support Arsenal, well that may be a different story.

  2. Bit extreme,

    a good slap would do it

    mind you, the twat you made of yourself complaining about your situation first time around is probably punishment enough.

    Good to hear people are getting expressing their dissatisfaction with the new economic 'realities' though. We may be in for an exciting time.

    Maybe timer to grow a moustache?

  3. talking about football, what about all those England players earning that much per week but aren't content with their lot...

    riches and fame just don't equate with happiness.

    it makes a good question what does - secure relationships, financial freedom and personal expression is my answer.