Thursday, 24 February 2011

Britain and the UN are to slow on Libya

I have to agree with Shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander that the government was slow off the mark to send planes to pick up Brits from Libya. In light of the quick responses from many other European countries.

The government now appear to be much more up to speed today after several delays. With a plane on standby in Malta. There is also now a SAS contingent on standby and a special forces support group. I hope they can be used to get the foreign nationals out of the desert camps, where they are currently stranded. Many of these camps have air strips which could be used now. Britain should help other foreign nationals as those countries such as Poland and Portugal have already flown out Brits from Libya.

Of course its not just the UK which has been slow but the UN. These fast moving events prove just how slow the UN are in responding in a way which would of saved lives. Surely a no flight zone for Libyan jets to stop them from bombing their own citizens should of been imposed by now?

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