Friday, 1 July 2011

Dr Phillip Lees MP surgeries earns him money on parliamentary time

Have a look at this cutting of the Private Eye (issue 1291).

Double Click the above picture to view.

Are these the kind of surgeries you would expect from your MP?

Should MP's be earning on parliamentary time?

Perhaps it's time to cut the other job. After all it's not as if he's in a safe seat and is worried about staying your MP.


  1. Bracknell MP lines his own pocket at the expense of his constituents... are we in time warp?

  2. if he is getting 40,000/yr for a few hours here and why is he bothering to be an MP????
    I looked at the recod on and he must earn £!!
    and at that rate he could have paind for his visits himself instead of the conservative friens of isrel or the miidle east council.
    Why id a private company pay such a huge sum for him??? what dirty is being done???
    The only thing going for hime ist that he as ab out a 90% attebdance rate.
    but aloth the website says that this is higher than others it is still not nesssarilly good.
    Wee all now that these tory todes rip uss off. the peeple in walse new he was a tory tode ad did not vote for hime. if they did the great Michel Foot would be spinning in his grave.

  3. What's the problem? It's not against the rules. Being an MP is not an arduous job, the whips tell you what to think and how to vote. I wish I had a second job that paid £85 and hour. He's probably keeping his hand in so that he can make a killing when the NHS is privatised.

    As the MPs' expenses scandal proved most MPs' number one priority is financial gain not public service. Dr. Lee is just following in that noble tradition.

  4. But does he actually hold any public surgeries?

    For Constituents that is or is he going to be like his predecessor the unlamented Mackay who in 27 years didn't hold a one.