Tuesday, 11 October 2011

England After the Riots Debate

Rt. Hon Michael Gove MP Secretary of State for Education (Conservative)

Michael Gove Surrey Heath's MP needs no introduction. His angry clash with Harriet Harman over the relationship between unemployment and social deprivation was one of the defining media events related to the riots.

Lord Maurice Glasman (Labour)

Maurice Glasman is famous for promoting ideas of "blue Labour" within the Labour Party. These are centred on faith, hearth and heritage or three Fs history, hearth and heritage or three Rs roots, reciprocity, and relationships. His ideas feature a strong aversion to unrestricted market forces.

Tom Brake MP (Liberal Democrat)

Tom Brake clashed with David Davis on Sky Television about the imposition of severe sentences on rioters convicted for petty offenses. He believes that these sentences do not work as a means of preventing repeat offending. His strong interest in the rehabilitation is summed up as restorative justice.

Peter Henley (Our Chairman)

Peter Henley is one of the leading presenters on the BBC's Politics Show.

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