Thursday, 27 October 2011

No more 3 line whips for petitions

Readers of my blog will know that I am not a pro EU member of the Liberal Democrats, I like UKIP believe that the European parliament is not democrat. It's simply to big to be representative of the British people. I love my fellow Europeans and would be happy with a common market etc, but not the every growing power of the European project.

Now that's my position but that's not why I was angry with the EU referendum voting (so angry I considered leaving the party).

I have found myself so angry with the 3 line whip imposed by all 3 main parties in the EU referendum vote that I have been unable to write about it. I could not get a word down without including a number of swear words etc. I have now calmed down.

This weeks vote was a great victory for UKIP. A very cleverly constructed petition which was designed to cause as much trouble as possible for the 3 main parties. And how was it handled by them? Badly that's how!

The Independent MEP Nikki Sinclaire who is a former UKIP member did an excellent job of raising and campaigning on this petition (driving up and down the country to get signatures). Sinclaire handed the petition into Downing Street calling for a public vote.

I was very appalled that the Lib Dems decided that our MP's could not have a free hand, we agree with a referendum after all to finally settle the matter. It pay of been to support the governments position on this and help the Tories out but it did not look good. We are making ourselves out to appear to be just like the rest. You could blame the system, personally I blame the political leaders and their decisions.

Wednesdays Prime ministers questions proved just how close Labour are two the coalition parties on europe. Ed Miliband found a split between Clegg and Cameron (not really a shocker is it) and didn't attack the Tories on their EU split or indeed the Lib Dems. In some ways Labour are more pro EU then the Lib Dems as at least we believe in reform. I'm not so sure Labour do given their record.

Personally I don't have a problem with members of the same party having different views on Europe but thats not taking to account the Conservatives history on the EU.

I really think this and all petitions that parliament decide to vote on should be a free vote. Otherwise what's the point of them. It should be a free discussion, even if the subject is difficult for the party leaders and for those who are members of parties.

More importantly I feel a 3 line whip is anti democratic. We vote for MP's as well as parties. So next time please don't hand UKIP headlines on a plate. No more 3 line whips for petitions please.



  1. Methinks you are a member of the wrong party. Tweek you Political Compass just a little bit over to the right and we could be mates!

  2. Ha we could be mates anyway, I can't change that compass .