Tuesday, 18 October 2011

"Twitter Day" A waste of time

Below is my recent answer to Bracknell Standards What does Bracknell think column.
This week's question was; Bracknell Forest Council recently held a "Twitter Day" where it's Twitter followers were given regular updates on what the council's staff were doing on a an average day.
Do you think it's a good idea to get people more involved and knowledgeable on what the council does?
Should local authorities embrace social media as a modern, and free, way of getting information to their residents?
and, are you a fan of social media or do you prefer more old-fashioned methods like a council magazine put through the door?
My reply;
As a member of the political twitterati you may imagine that I think this is a good idea. But actually I think its a waste of time and money. Email is a fair way to communicate with the council, not using up staffs time to post messages on Twitter or Facebook.
I have twittered with many a politician but really their number of followers is very low compared to the number of constituents they have. to me it seems a little unfair that just because I'm on twitter and engaged in the political twitter community that I get preferential treatment when talking to MP's.
Of course this could be corrected by getting everyone else to join twitter and following me

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