Friday, 11 September 2009

Torys give Bracknell an Open Primary

Bracknell Conservatives are holding a open primary on Saturday 17th October to attend you will need to call 01344 868894 to book a place or email This is to replace our current MP Andrew Mackay who is standing down after the 2nd homes scandal (see here).

Please remember that Bracknell consistency will from the next election now include Martin's Heron, The Warren and Forest Park and now out of Bracknell but under Windsor are Warfield Harvest Ride and Binfield and Warfield.

At the time of writing no venue had been decided but I understand that the candidates will be selected from the people who have applied to be one. There will then be a shortlist of 6 candidates who will give a speech during the primary then the future Tory PPC will be selected by the constituents.


  1. MI6 Man on shortlist!
    I note with interest that Rory Stewart has been shortlisted. Voters may be unaware that Mr. Stewart has just been named by a former Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray as an MI6 officer deliberately deceiving the electorate that he previously worked at the Foreign Office. Does our local Conservative Party really want a former "Spook" whose job in itself is based on deceit and underhandedness to present the face of honest politics?

  2. Iain Dale's manifesto is depressingly unoriginal and self-centred:

    I see no recognition there that politics is about more than simplistic slogans and tired-old cliches.

    Bracknell deserves better..

  3. It has been alleged that the current Chair of The Scottish Conservative Party, Andrew Fulton was an SIS officer. It has been alleged that Paddy Ashdown (Lib Dem), Pauline-Neville Jones (Conservative) and Margaret Ramsey (Labour) were SIS officers. I'm sure there must be more - and those are just the (allegedly)former (but are they ever really former or are they rather, outsourced?) SIS officers. How about the SS and GCHQ? The transition from covert to overt political activity is a logical one. The rather daft and Obsessional Compulsive-Disordered Official Secrets Act prevents them from openly acknowledging this aspect of their occupational history. Whether or not one thinks it - the OSA and/ or the political dynamic entailed - is a good or bad thing is quite another matter. The point is, it's not new.