Friday, 5 November 2010

Former Reading MP threatened with Facebook block from local Labour party

Jane Griffiths former MP for Reading East is threatened with being blocked from the Reading Labour Facebook page for uploading some pictures. They don't allow comments on the page, something I'm always suspicious of. Jane Griffiths also reminisces about the bullying within the local party.
Activists and members are in this game not for some personal gain but because we think the party we have chosen can do some good in the community and the country, after all it's not a paid role. We disagree on how we get there and fall on difference sides of the political prospective. But with the means to an end of achieving our goal of helping our fellow man/woman.
Still it is getting better, isn't it?
Sometimes I wonder why we all bother to give up our time with all this going on. Damn politics.


  1. You should check your facts, I just went to the facebook page and was able to post without problem.

  2. Yes they changed it soon after the post I'm told. So my facts were right cheers