Thursday, 30 December 2010

Killer Lib Dem

Or this may as well be the headline of this Guardian article here on Chris Jefferies who has been arrested but not charged with the murder of Joanna Yeates.
The article is covered in Lib Dems references and quotes because among other things Chris Jefferies was a Lib Dem Activist.
H/T to @kiramadeira for her tweet 'Still really confused by the Lib Dem focus here? Vile RT @guardiannews: Joanna Yeates landlord Chris Jefferies'


  1. It's not in any way anti Lib-Dem, unless you choose to view it like that out of some false sense of persecution. It mentions it once in the introductory three paragraphs, the third of the three. The following three paragraphs are about him at school, with quotes from two pupils. The next paragraph goes on to talk about his political side, which was his interest of recent years. They manage to get a quote from a Lib Dem colleague which is long enough to pad out the next three paragraphs, before talking about whatever final snippets they could gleam about him, namely family, religion and birth place.

    It's nothing more than a bland look at somebody who has led a seemingly fairly normal life until now. If they had to do the same for me it would contain far less about politics. If they had to do the same for you it would contain far more. Simply no need for paranoia here....

  2. Kira is a labour activist and she is NI fan of the lib dems. She pointed thus article out and I blogged it based on her tweet. So it was not just a lib dem who thought the lib dem focus was a bit over the top.