Thursday, 3 March 2011

Blog & Newsweek: 22 Bracknell & national politics

I have been too busy this week to blog, however I have been reading the web so here is a selection of issues making headlines during the past few weeks.

Local News

This week councillors have been getting into trouble, In slough a councillor has been charged with illegal taxi touting and driving with no insurance in London.

A Lib Dem councillor is accused of making a racist remark about a Labour MP on Twitter has been suspended from his party. He tweeted: "I'm waiting for the Labour guy to claim 'is it because I is black?' as a defense for being a muppet.", personally I worry that we go over the top on tweets. I don't find it that funny but I do think we are overly sensitive. After all we all know its an ally G quote right? I find myself agreeing with Jane on this one, 'what was she thinking of and what did he say'?

Reading list has more on the ongoing disagreements withing the Reading council see my post see my blog Reading Council and Labour party shenanigans with covers this and Reading list blog A house divided is a house to be united.

and another Slough Councillor gets a two-month suspension for being rude.

Local Links

Mark Reckons ask 'Why did I trust David Davis on liberty?' , I also trusted him, how wrong was I. such a shame.

Richard Willis is one a Conservative who will be voting Yes 2 AV see why 'AV or Not AV? – That is the Question!

Gareth Epps won't be standing for the council, I think Reading will miss him , see Why I am not restanding for the Council

National Link (Links of the day)

Split Horizons covers Lies, Lies and More Lies from #No2AV - have you worked out which system I'm voting for yet?

Devils Kitchen asks 'Why don't EU stop posturing?

Walaa Idris has 'Labour and the KKK' as her headline.

Tom Watson LAnour MP asks 'What would happen if Senior Metropolitan police officers had held meetings with media outlets as many times as they had met the News of The World?'

Scarlet Standard thinks 'Compass Is Losing Its Way'  - personally I think its a good idea to open the doors a bit, maybe I will join?

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