Saturday, 12 February 2011


This post was an over reaction after becoming a daddy. It's amazing how protective you become of your young family. I believe if I was still a single man then these tax changes certainly wouldn't of concerned me directly at least. Therefore I did rather throw my toys out of the pram (no pun intended). Perhaps the fact that the withdrawal of child benefit from higher rate tax payers however remains unfair from the point of view of shared family incomes mine being half of what other families with two lower rate tax payers who are just below the upper limit earn (i.e. on £80k against a family on £40k).
Lets make it clear, while I am finding my finances more difficult to manage given my new situation which is being a new daddy in a one bed flat with no equity living with my son and partner (who has lost her job for the government). I do understand that I am earning much more than many families and for that reason I am very privileged and fully support being taxed progressively to help people in low income situations. I have done ok for someone who is not overtly ambitious work wise and has not been to university and did very poorly at school due to both my behaviour and learning difficulties and started life on a lardge council estate.
So please accept my applogies for becoming so defensive with regards to my family income without considering the fact that others are in much worse situations than myself and are also paying for the cuts required to pay of this countries deficit.


  1. Again, you've got guts. Or balls. Thank you and all the best to you and your family.

  2. Translate it into support for those less fortunate or it will just be a self-serving device to get you back in favour with others.

  3. Oh get real I am sorry and natually I always have supported those less fortunate them myself.

    I'm a blogger not a politician, so I don't have to worry what others think about me