Monday, 7 March 2011

Local AV Debate

Unfortunately I can't make it but I would like to remind my local readers that there is an AV debate on Tuesday 10th at Irish Centre, 104-108 Chatham St, Reading RG1 7HT see
There has already been a number of Yes to AV stalls in Bracknell and Wokingham including last Saturday (There was also a stall in Reading town centre at the same time), see picture from this saturdays Yes to AV stall in Wokingham.
More Yes 2 AV stalls are planned for Bracknell and Reading.
Watch this space for any updates


  1. I Blogged about this some time back.
    The problem is that given a set of voter preferences you can design a system that produces any result you desire.
    Preferential voting comes closer to being fair than plurality voting, but it does not eliminate ordering paradoxes.
    In any system we could end up with a hung result. One way to quantify this is the Banzhaf power index.
    First, list all combinations of parties that could form a majority coalition, and in all of those coalitions count how many times a party is a "swing" partner that could destroy the majority if it dropped out.
    Dividing this number by the total number of swing partners in all possible majority coalitions gives a party's power index.
    There are a number of calculators available that one can Google for.

    See the Blog post at Mathematics, democracy, paradox and pitfall

    At least the Conservative lead administration are actually allowing a vote on this.
    Labour promised it in 1997 and then sat on it for the next 13 years.

  2. Alvin, tsk tskm it a coalition not a conservative led govt.

    Yes I remember the post. I personally prefer the choice. I would like to vote for others as after the lib dems. could be fun to work out who I want if not the Lib candidate.