Thursday, 3 March 2011

UKBA quietly announced some changes

Yesterday , the UKBA quietly announced some changes to the tier 2 ICT route and section j (IT worker) minimum salaries for tier 2 general and ICT.
Tier 2 ICT can only be used for graduate level jobs.
The following SOC are no longer considered graduate level:
5242 Telecommunications engineers
3131 IT operations technicians
3132 IT user support technicians
3131 includes system administrators and 3132 includes DBAs.
The following are still allowed:
1136 Information and communication technology managers
2131 IT strategy and planning professionals
2132 Software professionals
Many of the minimum appopriate salaries have been increased in the section j code of practice. They were lower quartile before and it looks like they have gone up to the most recent median values. 
This is a significant change 

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